??It is hard to believe that this is a great place – the famous Teriberka in the summer, the coast of the Arctic Ocean! It is located in Russia near Murmansk, the capital of the Arctic. Two hours by plane from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Did you know that now the water in the canals has become transparent in Venice and for the first time in a long time swans have returned … In another popular place among tourists, which is now empty, rare beautiful birds have appeared.

At first, we, like many travel agencies, experienced great stress, but then began to observe with interest. Maybe this unusual time is given to us so that we take a different look at the world and ourselves?

How often do we not notice the beauty of what’s nearby, ignore the important, and all the time we run somewhere. Maybe now the planet wants to relax? From stress, crowds …

So that we remember about our health, about board games, about tea parties with parents and children. To bake a pie, instead of a hot dog on the run. To watch how coffee is brewed in a Turk, long brought from a trip, and slowly drink it from a beautiful cup. Draw a picture, copy recipes into a notebook, transplant flowers.

The planet drives us home, so we can clean it up: starting from our room, continuing with our thoughts. Maybe then we will begin to appreciate. And soon we will return to the coveted tourist places, which so far will have a rest without us and take a new look at the world.

Spring will breathe life into them, renew it with fresh air without endless selfies and rubbish underfoot. And it will open to us a new world that we need to start protecting now, at this moment, starting with ourselves.

In the meantime .. we are inspired by the stunning nature of our region, where spring will come soon, and then summer, and everything will sparkle with new colors! We are not discouraged and are preparing spring-summer tours in our beautiful lands! The nature of the North is a place of power, possessing tremendous energy, it coolly refreshes the head, gives peace and tranquility.


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