This only happens in thrillers! But no, it happened to our guests!

Do not cease to admire our tough guests who retain a sense of humor in any situation! This time we visited a famous blogger and entrepreneur @sergei_mozg

It was a real adventure! Imagine … you are from Moscow, yourself stuck in the middle of the forest between Murmansk and Teriberka (fortunately in the dome hotel ?), the cities go to self-isolation, the road is covered with snow and cannot be cleared, food supplies are running out … oh, and today you have a plane home. ⠀

But!! Through the blizzard and adversity, the main dream of the journey came true – to see the Northern Lights! In such weather it is very rare, but our guests dreamed very much)) As a rule, if you want something for real – it always comes true!


And here are the comments of our guests:

“When there was no panic in Moscow and there were thousands of people on the street, we understood that it was better not to be in the city.

We left for the Murmansk region, away from people and planned everything so that we don’t have any contact with anyone at all) ⠀

Briefly about what happened on the trip:

– We ran out of gas, we stood on the track in a snowstorm.

– The federal highway was covered with snow and we were cut off from the world. The tractor that was supposed to clear everything did not start

– Spent 3 days more in a hotel completely cut off from the world. Every day, we did not understand whether we were able to get out or not. In the end, they even wanted to call a helicopter, but because of weather conditions, he refused to fly

– We have run out of food

– I twisted my leg. 2 days did not get up.

– Entrance to Murmansk was closed.

– They also delayed our flight ?


P.S. It was my most trash trip. But at the same time the most sincere – because of the people who were with me.

And yes, we fulfilled the main goal of our trip – we saw the NORTHERN LIGHT !!! I realized my little dream ❤️ ”