The Northern Lights is one of the most unique and beautiful phenomena of nature, which can only be observed at certain times of the year, in particular parts of the Earth. Dancing like a flame, it fascinates and remembered forever. Nortehrn Light has been stirring people’s minds for many millennia.
The peoples of the north have created a lot of myths and legends around this phenomenon. For example, the Eskimos were convinced that such a phenomenon was the light from a heavenly window. Someone believed that Aurora Borealis – spirits traveling through the heavens.

But today this miracle of nature has been fully investigated from the scientifical point of view. Aurora has an electrical nature of origin. When the solar wind reaches the magnetic field of the Earth, it turns out a beautiful phenomenon. Charged particles from the sun merge with the atmosphere of the earth and paint the air in multi-colored stripes.

This process happening in the Earth atmoshere at the heght about 160-200 km, and sometimes even 1600 kilometers. The Northern Lights are seen mainly above the territory beyond the Arctic Circle, closer to midnight, more often outside the city, where there is a clear night sky and no city lights. Our Aurora Village is located in a place where the opportunity to see Aurora Borealis is sufficiently higher. It is best to see the aurora, sitting comfortably in a glass Igloo . Northern lights can be seen in the preiod from September to the end of April.


What do you need to hunt for the Northern Lights?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights during your stay in Aurora Village, as well as Aurora is the matter of natural phenomena. The appearance of colored lights in the sky depends on various factors – magnetic activity, cloudiness, the position of the sun. But there are several ways to increase the chances to see Aurora:

• Clear weather, clouds can hide all the beauty

• Lack of city light (well, and the night, of course, is simply not visible during the day)

• Usually Aurora Borealis can only be seen closer to night or at night

• Magnetic storm with an index of Kp of at least 2-3. You can always check the 27-day forecast of the Northern Lights in our application or on the website and select the suitable dates.

Or go hunting for the Northern Lights with our professional guides who will take you cool photos and find a place with clear skies!

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