Aurora Forecast Extended

Dear friends, we want to remind you that we have two types of forecast: 1. Forecast for 27 days and 3 days ahead by the hour There we pay […]

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How to follow the forecast of the Northern Lights?

After we improved our forecast of the Northern Lights (now you can look exactly on the clock for the next three days!) There are even more questions from you. You […]

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No need to wait for September! Northern Lights are here

The nights are getting darker, and we will see the first lights in the sky tonight! Rather, there is a very big chance for this, because. Everything will depend on […]

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We invite everyone to the EMITT in Istanbul! 9 – 12 February

Dear colleagues, from 9 to 12 February you can meet us at EMITT 🤝 We invite everyone to the tourism exhibition EMITT in Istanbul to the stand of the Murmansk [...]
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We invite everyone to the EMITT in Istanbul!

Dear colleagues! ⠀ We invite everyone to the tourism exhibition Emitt in Istanbul to the stand of the Murmansk region. ⠀ The Murmansk region is the northernmost European region of [...]
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Today is Winter Solstice Day!

December 21 – the shortest daylight hours and the longest night! And then daylight hours will go to profit. Already before the New Year, some cities of the Murmansk region […]

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Aurora Village named Best Glamping at the National Hotel Awards 2021 🔥

The award ceremony for the winners of the “National Hotel Award 2021” was held in Moscow, and our eco-hotel became the finalist and the best glamping 🎉! The award was […]

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What if I don’t see the Northern Lights? 🥲

We get such questions quite often. Let’s clear up the situation ⠀ The chances of seeing the Northern Lights are high if you come to the Kola Peninsula for a […]

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How to capture the Northern Lights on your smartphone? 🤳

First, a few basic rules: ✨Download the app and watch the aurora forecast. More precisely geomagnetic storms. You can download ours – Aurora Village (on IOS and Android). If […]

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Russian cruise ports will open to foreigners in November! 🛳

The Government Commission on Tourism has instructed to resume the reception of foreign tourists arriving in Russia on cruise ships. The draft amendments to the corresponding order of the government […]

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