We accept orders for transport services from individuals, corporate customers and foreign companies. The bus has internet wi-fi and TV. There are all the international permits, licenses, insurance, including insurance of passengers and luggage. The drivers have extensive experience and experience in the travel industry. The tourism office is ready in a short time to develop the route of any complexity, book tours and hotels.

Contact us by phone number: +7(921)273-19-19 or in the Scandinavian department: +7(8152)477-177

✔ Passenger transportation in the Murmansk region, Severomorsk and Scandinavia. Transfers or complex group trips.

✔ Safe and comfortable premium-class buses for tourist groups, equipped with a toilet, USB, cooler and TV.

✔ All insurance and transport authorizations, including international ones.

✔ Individuals, legal entities, foreigners.

✔ Drivers with experience and length of service in the passenger transportation industry.

✔ Additionally we issue: a Schengen visa or an invitation for foreign tourists.

✔ Payment in cash or a plastic card, cashless settlement, payment on an invoice in a European bank.

✔ Order excursions and a staff guide (Russian or English).

✔ Rent of buses for weddings.

✔ We work on 44-FZ on Public Procurement.

It offers comfortable minibuses:

• One Mercedes Vito 2015 (for 7 passengers)

• Two Mercedes Sprinter 515 2013 (for 18 passengers)

• Volvo of 2018

• Range Rover and BMW X3

We offer passenger transport to / from Murmansk, Olenegorsk, Monchegorsk, Polar Zori, Kandalaksha, Salla, Kemijärvi, Rovaniemi, Tornio, Happarandy, Tromsø, Kirkenes, and others.

License for passenger traffic

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