Murmansk Region is the northernmost region of the European part of Russia, mostly located beyond the Arctic Circle. Murmansk is a gateway to the Arctic, where in winter there is a lot of pure snow, eternal twilight and Northern lights, but in summer the sun shines day and night!

Our region is famous for access to the Arctic Ocean, you can see a lot of clean rivers and lakes, untouched wild nature, you can meet saami — local people in Arctic and learn more about their unique culture and also watch such amazing phenomena as the Polar night and the Polar day.


From September to April

The Kola Peninsula is considered one of the best places where you can watch the northern lights. Dancing like a flame, it captivates and you will never forget such kind of beautiful experience. Local people in the North have created many myths and legends about this phenomena.

The ability to see the northern lights depends on many factors. It is better to watch it away from cities in the absence of cloudiness or to trust experienced guides who organize a “hunt” for Aurora Borealis and make a great photo with help of our professional photographer.

All seasons

Teriberka is a unique place. There you can see the ruins of an old fishing village known since 16th century, a ship cemetery, a modern small village and the breathtaking landscapes of the Arctic Ocean in miraculously combination.

After the release of the film “Leviathan” in 2014, Teriberka became the mecca of Arctic tourism. Now there is an opportunity to order a seafood caught here in Barents Sea in a local restaurant right on the seashore, stay at a hotel or camping and go for sea fishing, diving or snowkiting!
Infrastructure is developing every year, because more and more tourists from all over the world come here!

All seasons

This is the first ever nuclear-powered icebreaker in the world built in Leningrad in 1956-1959. Now it is a museum where you can see the ship from the inside, learn the history of ice trips, Northern Sea Route, and visit the interactive museum of Arctic nature and Arctic research.

All seasons

The Saami of the Kola Peninsula is a completely independent ethnographic group, which is called as the Kola Saami (Lappi). Their culture is distinguished by a huge number of legends, ancient rites and special national cuisine. You can visit the ethnographic centers in the open air to learn the history of the Sami people, get acquainted with their life and traditions, feed reindeers and take pictures in national clothes, take a ride on reindeer sleighs and snowmobiles.

All seasons

There are probably no people in the world who could stay indifferent by looking into the eyes of these charming northern dogs. Husky has developed their endurance in races. To run in the sleigh is their favorite thing to do in life

There are several husky parks In the Murmansk region where you can ride a dogsled, as well as get acquainted with other animals of the North.

All seasons

An amazing attraction of the Murmansk region is the excursion and tourist center “Snow Village”. This is an unusual building with halls, galleries, furniture and sculptures built exclusively from snow and ice. Snow Village mentioned in the Russian Book of Records as «the largest building made of snow».

From December to April

There are 10 ski resorts of various levels of complexity situated on the territory of the Murmansk region. The city of Kirovsk located in the Khibiny mountain is one of the most visited alpine resort in Murmansk region. One of the most popular slope in KIrovsk city called Big Woodyavre. The slope is the highest mountain resort in the North-West of Russia.

The technical condition of the tracks can be called as ideal. The resort honored with many international certificates and awards. The best skiing period is from March to April. Polar night recedes and the weather is clear and sunny at this time.

From January to April

Snowmobile safari is a great way to get acquainted with the nature of the Arctic, breathe in the clear frosty air, enjoy the abundance of pure white snow. A good addition will be winter fishing, you will learn the tricks of ice fishing. Excitement and good mood are guaranteed!

From May to October

Russian Arctic is the pristine kingdom of Atlantic salmon. A big number of Atlantic salmon has been preserved here in Murmansk region. World-famous salmon rivers flow here - Umba, Varzuga, Kola, Ponoi and many others. In our lakes you can catch pike, trout, perch. Sea fishing in Barents Sea is also popular. You can get a big cod, halibut, catfish in neverfreezing waters of Arctic!

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