Today, numerous Russian media published an article that the Northern Lights will no longer exist! Allegedly, the head of the heliophysical laboratory of IZMIRAN Vladimir Obridko said that if you want to see the Northern Lights, the nearest opportunity to present yourself in 2025.

However, the kp-index for the coming month indicates quite another. Our guides and tourists have seen the Northern Lights this season outside the city little more than every night.

One of the Murmansk guides called the IZMIRAN laboratory, which is listed in the interview. Vladimir Onatski: “Called IZMIRAN. The hamstring woman in the reception said tIT hat Vladimir Nukhimovich (this is the one who gave the interview) on a business trip abroad for two weeks and will be there until the end of March. He couldn ‘t give any interviews. He travels abroad without a mobile phone, so there won ‘t be any connection to him for another two months. ”

Then that the scientist who could not give an interview cancelled to all of us the Polar Lights)) Can be we will cancel snow in the winter or the white nights in the north in the summer? ? Let’s think what else can be cancelled and we will increase traffic for all media)

By the way, if you still want to see the Northern Lights, this opportunity will be until the end of April this year. Well all the next years from September to April) So welcome to Murmansk! Our Visitmurmansk company will organize hunting behind the Polar Lights every day. Hundreds of tourists from all over the world took beautiful photos with the Northern Lights! Join us, too.

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