– I am impressed! This is a fairy tale, this is a miracle! – So estimated “Snow Village” Governor Andrei Chibis. “This is the first time I’ve heard here, I’ve only heard, now I’ve been convinced that this is a miracle of snow, a miracle of the world!” Beautiful, unique, with a story. I invite everyone!

As you know, every year the “Snow Village” maintains a certain theme, which is not repeated and becomes known only on the opening day. Today it is dedicated to Murman, and the slogan “To live in the North!” Was used most opportunely.

Here are some interesting facts about the snowy village:

✅ Thirty-five people from the Moscow Region, Surgut, Perm, Ryazan, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and, of course, from Apatity and Kirovsk built it.
It took 6.5 thousand tons of artificial snow – it is cleaner and its walls are stronger than natural ones. In all its glory, the “Snow Village” will remain open until May; as a rule, you can still come here during the first May holidays.

✅ This year, snow-ice sculptures are united by a northern theme.
The halls became even more spacious and probably contained all the beauty of the North, even the aurora – there is such a wonderful ice composition! Sculptures and installations are not an example more than the former – this is also a novelty of the season.
Sights and everything the Murmansk region is proud of are created from ice here! The Terek coast, the Lenin icebreaker and the symbol of the Kola NPP – diverging rays, a bathyscaphe and a Pomeranian roe, even a mine with miners … The central hall with a bar counter will delight fans of the new Polar series, which was shot mostly in Kirovsk – it is decorated with bas-reliefs It is with this theme.

✅The area of ​​the snow palace increased from 2200 square meters last year by no less than three hundred or four hundred “squares” according to the calculations of Vladimir Komyagin.
“They broke their own record,” he remarks.
Recall that the Kirov village was indeed included in the Russian Book of Records in 2012 as the largest building made of snow in area.

✅We advise you to walk through the halls with a guide, then you will completely immerse yourself in a fairy tale – you will learn so much!
Source: https://www.mvestnik.ru/our-home/chudo-snega-chudo-sveta/