First, a few basic rules:
✨Download the app and watch the aurora forecast. More precisely geomagnetic storms.

You can download ours – Aurora Village (on IOS and Android). If kp-index is 0, you shouldn’t count on anything, 2 or 3 – all chances to see, 5-6 – will blaze, and over 7 points – a rare luck.
✨Go away from the city so that light noise does not interfere
✨ Make sure there are no clouds ☁️

Shots, like in travel magazines, are obtained when there are snow-covered trees, marinas, wooden huts or Igloos in the foreground? And by the sea or lake, when flashes are reflected in the water – in general ?

?So, we only have the phone in our hands. What are we doing?

Of course, we are only talking about the latest models of phones with cameras that shoot in the dark. It is better to install an application that configures the camera in advance.

✔️Remove autofocus
✔️ Set maximum ISO and shutter speed 10-20 seconds
✔️ Open the iris.
✔️Some phones have a “Stars” mode, it will work too.
✔️ A tripod is best, but if not, try not to move, find a support. Press the shutter button after exhaling and holding your breath: this will make the houses and trees clear.

And do not forget that everything is quickly discharged in the cold.
Here we are helped by inner pockets, chemical self-heating, which can be bought at a sports store or a powerbank.

And more often look into the sky, sometimes there, as if mocking the predictions, they suddenly turn on a movie from space.

And in the next post we will tell you how to set the camera settings!