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White Nights in Murmansk

23.07.2016 @ 01:00 - 11.08.2016 @ 23:00

July 22 ended Murmansk latitude polar day , which began on 21
From 22 July to 11 August , you can watch the white nights , the daytime will be gradually reduced .





The term ” white nights ” is used for the qualitative characteristics of twilight . Twilight with such a feature commonly observed in latitudes above 60 degrees . At the latitudes are located above the Arctic Circle , the White Nights last for two to three weeks before the beginning of the polar day and as many after . At the latitudes below the Arctic Circle , the white nights combined with the time of the summer solstice , lasts for two to three weeks , reaching a high of the day of the solstice .





Polar night – the period when the sun is more than 24 hours (ie, more than 1 day) does not appear over the horizon. The shortest polar night (about 2 days) is observed at a latitude equal to about 67 ° 23 ‘; the longest at the poles – a little less than 6 months. The polar night is the result of the tilt of Earth’s rotation axis to the plane of the ecliptic, which is about 23,5 °. In fact, polar night begins at latitudes more than 5 ° 72 ‘latitude. The polar night is always shorter than the polar day, as the sun, even if they are below the horizon illuminates the atmosphere, and there is total darkness. If the observer is not far from the Arctic Circle, the whole day will consist of twilight.

Polar Night latitude of Murmansk lasts from December to January February 11. Murmansk region lies almost entirely north of the Arctic Circle, so the Polar Night is observed on its territory.

During the polar night, you can watch a rare natural phenomenon – the aurora borealis.





23.07.2016 @ 01:00
11.08.2016 @ 23:00
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