Snow Village excursion and tourist center is a unique project that has been successfully implemented since 2008. As soon as the first snow falls in the Khibiny, snow construction begins at the foot of Mount Vudyavrchorr.

Preparation for it is the most thorough and painstaking: the theme of the “Snow Village” is determined in advance, snow is prepared and the best sculptors from all over Russia come together.

Snow and ice are unusual materials, but it is they that make it possible to create figures and images of incredible beauty, and the imagination, mind and fortitude of a person make it possible to realize the most daring ideas.

The Snow Village theme is always unique and never repeated!

Every year it is already a new building with its halls, corridors, intricate patterns and, of course, a unique spirit. All buildings made of snow are made by human hands: the walls of the future Village appear from ordinary snow cubes, and interior items of winter halls receive visible outlines.

"Snow Village" is not just a building made of snow and ice, it is a real work of art created by like-minded people. At one time, it was precisely such extraordinary, creative and kind people that Vladimir Komyagin united around him. He is the ideological inspirer, snowman and the soul of this project!


Kirovsk, Murmansk region, next to the sanatorium and health complex "Tirvas", the area of the Polar-Alpine Garden-Institute of the KSC RAS


Each new season became a new stage in the development of the project. In 2011, the first large-scale winter festival "Snegoled" started in Kirovsk, the founder and organizer of which to this day is the excursion and tourist center "Snezhnaya Derevnya". The Snow and Ice Festival beyond the Arctic Circle has more than once been recognized as one of the 200 best events in Russia and included in the National Calendar of Events.

The Snow and Ice Festival lasts only one week, but the participants and spectators of the Festival have enough bright impressions for the whole year ahead. Professional sculptors from all over Russia and neighboring countries have been working on the creation of snow-ice figures and compositions from cubes over 3 meters high for just seven days.


The Crazy Saw show-competition as part of the Snegoled festival is still the only competition for high-speed cutting of sculptures from ice in the Murmansk region. For the sake of a spectacular show, guests from other regions of Russia specially come to Khibiny during the week of the Festival.

The participants of the show-competition are 10 masters, united in teams of 2 people. In just 90 minutes, in front of the public, virtuoso artists use chainsaws to carve original 1.5-meter sculptures. “Mad Saw” always takes place within the city, so there are more than enough people who want to watch the work of the masters even in 30-degree frost, and tourists from neighboring regions specially come to the Murmansk region to get to the show competition and the Snow Ice Festival itself.

In 2012, snow structures in Kirovsk were recognized as the largest in the entire country. So the "Snow Village" entered the Russian Book of Records as the largest closed solid structure made of snow with an area of 2014 sq. m.

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