Polar Alpine Botanical Garden Institute

Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden Institute ON THE. Aurorina is a unique institution, where several generations of researchers and gardeners have collected the richest collections of plants representing the diverse plant world of the globe.

Today, the Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden is the northernmost (67 ° 38 ′ N) botanical garden in Russia, and one of the three botanical gardens in the world located beyond the Arctic Circle.

There is a polar oasis along the banks of the lower reaches of the Vudyavryok River, on the slopes, the summit and in the grand Botanical Circus of Vudyavrchorr and on the slopes of Mount Tahtarvumchorr. A total of 1670 ha.

The garden hosts excursions: to open-nursery nurseries, where plants from different parts of the world live, but thanks to scientists to adapt to the conditions of the North; greenhouses of tropical and subtropical plants (only here there are more than 1000 species of plants), a museum of the history and development of the botanical garden. In nurseries and special expositions, collection funds of plants are presented: “Snowdrop Garden”, “Rocky Garden”, “Living Herbarium”.

The museum, opened on August 26, 2001 in honor of the 70th anniversary of the garden-institute, has the following exhibits:
– The history of the development of botanical science in the region;
– the history of the formation and development of PABSI;
– PABSI directorial corps.

Greenhouses are open throughout the year, and parkland is available from June to September. A visit to the ecological trail is possible in the summer upon request.

Polar Alpine Botanical Garden, Kirovsk

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