Lavninsky waterfall

The waterfall is located on the Lavna river of the same name, which stretches for 21 kilometers, starts from Lake Lavno and flows into the Kola Bay. It cannot be called high – it is about 4 kilometers high, but it is quite deep, its banks are strewn with stones of various sizes, covered with moss and lichen. All this makes the place incredibly picturesque. It is no coincidence that newlyweds come here for photo sessions, and residents of Murmansk often have picnics in the meadows that are nearby. This place attracts even in winter, although the road to it is not so easy after heavy snowfalls.

In summer, berries and mushrooms are picked here. And in the Lavna itself they fish: trout, grayling, whitefish, perch and pike are found here. Once upon a time, even salmon swam here, but after the dam appeared on the river, the royal fish was no longer seen here.

Swimming in the Lavna is not advised. The river is too rapids, although there are also sections that are quite deep with a calm flow. But the water does not have time to warm up and is cold.

Russia, Murmansk region, Kola district, rural settlement Mezhdurechye

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