Hotel “Tri Zaytsa”


The atmosphere of the hotel is conducive to rest, both after a busy day of sightseeing, and after business meetings and negotiations. The wonderful interior of the hotel immerses you in the atmosphere of a warm and cozy home, where you are always welcome and welcomed. We are comfortable, like at home. Our beds are very comfortable, so sleeping on them is a pleasure. In the evening, after a hard day, you can watch cable TV or turn on the DVD player, choosing something exciting from our collection of films. You can read a book that you will find in our library or admire the unusually colorful northern sunsets through the window. And in winter, if you’re lucky, the northern lights will fill your room with flashes of multi-colored lights and overflows. Or maybe you want to spend an evening on the Internet? Wi fi works throughout the hotel. We hope that having come to us once, you will definitely come back to us again, having appreciated our homeliness combined with a high level of service! A pleasant surprise – tea and coffee for guests free of charge and around the clock. At the hotel, you can count on the help and sensitive attitude of the hotel staff in any situation. The staff is friendly and tactful and will gladly fulfill all your requests: taxi, iron, coffee, etc. All will tell, prompt. Murmansk is, first of all, a port city. The main difference of our hotel is the proximity of the seaport, and the atmosphere of a working city, a port city can be felt only in our hotel. You can watch the mesmerizing dance of harbor cranes circling along the bay, transferring cargo from ships to the shore and back, and “listen” to their incredibly beautiful music of movement. And, if you’re lucky, you can see the most important miracle of the polar night – the northern lights! Those who have seen him will never forget this sight! Changeable, iridescent, lively, aurora is the attraction of our cold land! This is the glow that is visible from the Earth due to the interaction of the atmosphere with the “solar wind”. The Northern Lights love to play hide and seek! We are announcing the hunting season for him !!! From October to March, you can repeatedly contemplate this magic. Do not miss your chance!

Murmansk st. Oktyabrskaya house 29 square 2

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