Department of Folk Arts and Crafts

There are 10 clubs in the museum, in which more than 110 people are engaged in creative work. As a rule, students of courses come to the clubs after completing their studies in order to improve their skills among like-minded people.

The Patchwork Sewing Club was founded in 1995. Club members use various techniques and techniques of patchwork sewing in their work: stitching, hand and machine assembly, stitching (hand and machine), applique. In the blankets, decorative panels, and accessories created by the craftswomen from the club, the traditions of northern crafts and Russian folk art can be traced. People’s amateur group.

The Lacemaker Club was founded in 1981. In the classroom, the members of the club are engaged in weaving lace on bobbins. As a result of creative activity, lace products are obtained of the finest work – collars, tracks, napkins, etc.

The Belozor club was founded in 1995. Club members are engaged in floristry – a type of creativity based on the use of dried flowers, leaves, stems that retain their shape, color and volume. People’s amateur group.

The Artistic Painting Club was founded in 1999. Club members get acquainted with folk painting on wood, common in various regions of Russia, and paint wooden products using traditional patterns.

The Tapestry Club was founded in 1994. The club brings together hand-weaving masters. In the classroom in the club, the participants are engaged in weaving tapestry on the camp, creating collective and author’s works. People’s amateur group.

The Makhaon club was founded in 2007 by a group of graduates of the course “Painting on fabric”. The main goal of the club is to study various techniques of painting on fabric, to grow creatively, to participate in various exhibitions. People’s amateur group.

The Nature and Creativity Club was founded in 1976. The main type of creative activity of the club is floristry, as well as the study of new modern types of arts and crafts, such as decoupage and scrapbooking.

The Russian Embroidery Club was founded in 2010. In the classroom at the club, needlewomen create original and collective works using the main types of traditional Russian embroidery.

The Tatiana’s Day club was founded in 1995. The participants create patchwork panels, various interior items, accessories, clothes with elements of patchwork. The goal of the club is to develop patchwork sewing, create a wide variety of products using modern patchwork techniques. People’s amateur group.

The Severyanochka embroidery club was founded in 2006. The need to create a club of embroidery lovers was dictated by the desire to learn various techniques and techniques for making a pattern, to develop schemes for making various models, to compose a detailed description of embroidery, to share skills with each other.

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