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The youngest art museum in Russia and the only one in the Arctic.
The Murmansk Regional Art Museum is located in the historical center of Murmansk on Kominterna Street in one of the oldest stone buildings of the city, next to the Five Corners Square.
The permanent exhibition of the art museum “Domestic Fine Arts of the 18th — 20th Centuries” consists of several sections: the first of them is devoted to Russian art of the 18th – 19th centuries. The collection of paintings of this period in the collection of the museum is small, most of the works are on display. Of particular interest are the works of Harlampius Constandy, Ilya Zankovsky, Mikhail Klodt, Johann Köhler.

In the section devoted to Russian art of the 20th century, paintings, graphic works, sculptures and works of decorative and applied art are presented. Visitors to the exposition can see the work of artists such as Boris Johanson, Dmitry Mochalsky, Evsey Moiseenko, Sulo Yuttunen, Mikhail Konchalovsky and many others.

The collection of graphics in the museum collection is the largest. The permanent exhibition of the museum presents works by Moscow, Leningrad and regional schedules. Visitors to the exhibition can see the work of Vladimir Favorsky, Ivan Pavlov, George Vereisky, Alexei Pakhomov and a number of well-known graphic artists. In addition, the graphic works of Murmansk artists are of interest: Mikhail Kirin, Tatyana Kovaleva, Yuri Pankov, Vladimir Chernov.

The museum owns a small collection of sculptures. The exposition presents the works of famous artists and sculptors of the 20th century: Sergey Konenkov, Mikhail Tkhakumashev, Nadezhda Sheek, Ilya Slonim.

The Kola North has always been particularly attractive for creative people. Back in the 19th century, many Russian artists came here. A large group of artists arrived in the North in the 1930s.

The picturesque section dedicated to Murmansk artists begins with the works of the region’s oldest artists. The exhibition presents paintings by Vasily Baranov – the first chairman of the Murmansk branch of the Union of Artists of Russia, Nikolai Morozov, Arvi Huttunen. The works of Nikita Dukhno, Vladimir Kumashov, Alexander Feofilaktov, Anatoly Sergienko, Nikolay Kovalev, Nikolay Zavertaylo are interesting. The paintings of Boris Syukhin, Vladimir Skoklenev, Sergey Chebotar, Mikhail Lapin, Vitaliy Bubentsov, Vladimir Kuzin invariably arouse the interest of visitors.

And outside the Murmansk region known masters of decorative art – Tatyana Chernomor and Evgeny Baranova. Lyricism, originality of compositional and color solutions are distinguished by tapestries and paintings on the fabric of Victoria Zubitskaya. For many years, Raisa Chebaturina has been the chief artist of the Northern Fleet Theater. Her sketches for costumes and decorations are always distinguished by a peculiar artistic solution.

The section devoted to the work of Murmansk artists gives an idea of ​​the current state of the development of fine art on the Kola Peninsula.

Finish the exhibition of works of decorative art. Visitors can get acquainted with the main northern crafts: painting on wood, making clay toys, carving on bone, lace weaving, weaving from birch bark, wood carving. Of particular interest are the Pomeranian roe – figures from the dough, baked from ancient times on the Tersky coast of the White Sea.

The permanent exhibition of the art museum gives an idea of ​​the development of Russian fine art from the 18th century to the present day.

The museum has four exhibition halls, a music lounge, a storage facility, and a library.

st. Comintern, 13, Murmansk

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