In the Arctic will celebrate the International Day of the Saami

February 6 in Russia and the Scandinavian countries celebrate the International Day of the Saami. On this day, according to the established tradition, exhibitions will open in the cities and villages of the Murmansk region, there will be festive concerts, thematic lessons in educational institutions, evenings of meetings and other events.

In the regional capital, festive events will begin at 12.00 at the building of the State Unitary Enterprise «Center of the Peoples of the North» (Murmansk, Podstanitskogo str., 1), where the national flag will be raised to the sounds of the Sami hymn.
Continuing festive events for residents of the polar capital in the Murmansk Regional Museum of Local Lore (Murmansk, Lenin Avenue, 90), where at 14 o’clock the exhibition «Sami Varzino Village» will be opened, dedicated to the culture and life of the indigenous people of the Kola North — the Saami.

Traditionally brightly this day will be celebrated in the village of Lovozero, the celebration program includes the following activities:

12.00 — solemn meeting with the raising of the Saami flag (street platform near the building of MBUK «Lovozero regional national cultural center», Lovozero village, Sovetskaya street, 8).
12.30 — Lappish gathering «Sarnap mene bajas» / «We speak about us».
16.00 — a festive concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the formation of the Sami masters and artists of the Murmansk regional public organization «Chepes sami» in the MBU «Lovozero Center for the Development of Leisure and Culture» (Lovozero village, Sovetskaya St. 30).
18.00 — a theatrical tale about the fate of the Sami language «The Bell of Myandash» and the evening «Sam Peyv».
We invite everyone to participate in the celebrations dedicated to the International Day of the Saami!

Ministry of Internal Policy and Mass Communications of the Murmansk region.

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