If your point of arrival in Russia Moscow or St. Petersburg, the most convenient place to look at the polar lights is the city of Murmansk. The polar lights appear at the end of August, sometimes it it is even visible in St. Petersburg! This pleasure till April every year therefore you can independently choose any convenient time for a travel lasts. In the winter temperature falls up to-35 degrees, it motivates some tourists to come in the fall, and some on the contrary want suit themselves the present snow fairy tale!
It is possible to reach Murmansk by a set of ways, the fastest of which will be a plane — from Moscow to fly 2,5 hours, and from St. Petersburg at the whole o’clock it is less. By train time you will spend much more – 35 hours from Moscow and 27 of the Northern Capital. But you will be able to sleep and arrive properly to Murmansk, full of strength for viewing of the polar lights.

Where it is possible to see the polar lights most accurately?

Unfortunately, definite answer to this question simply doesn’t exist! All the matter is that everything depends on several factors:

1. Weather at the time of viewing. To find a polar light the sky has to be cloudless. Therefore it is necessary to watch the detailed forecast in advance.

2. Solar activity. The sun throws out different amount of energy which turns into the polar lights. It is possible to look at these forecasts more precisely here (our many guests use this application to keep track of activity of the polar lights) https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/aurora-village/id1286545620 

3. Area illumination. It is necessary to leave far away from the city (at least for 20 kilometers) that there was no close artificial lighting. We recommend to stock up powerful small lamps if you move off in searches of the polar lights independently.

If and especially lighting you are able to predict weather, then to precisely define solar activity rather difficult. Therefore we recommend to be guided by picturesqueness of an environment, clarity of the night sky and minimum zasvt from the earth. It is the simplest to go along already checked tourist routes and to get the tour with the guide focused on professional search of this natural phenomenon.

Popular places for viewing of a polar light on the Kola Peninsula

We don’t recommend to go behind the polar lights to any concrete place without absolute confidence in a clear sky. Nevertheless, we offer you 3 most interesting locations in which you will find the most beautiful night landscapes.

1. Hibinsky mountains. Any climber will assure you that in mountains the night sky is so picturesque that the feeling as if you became much closer to stars is created. You can even rise by one of local mountains, for this purpose stock up with convenient footwear and warm clothes, reliable small lamps and a stock of food.

2. Settlement of Teriberka, coast of the Barents Sea. If you see the polar lights in this place, then you can be considered one of the most successful people on the planet. The coast of the ocean seldom is famous for a clear sky and in the winter there to go risky. We persistently recommend to check the forecast beforehand.

3. Village Lovozero.

There live Sami — aboriginals of the Kola Peninsula. This place is famous for the lovozersky tundra — boundless open spaces with the small massif.

4. AuroraVillage.

Last year we have opened AuroraVillage. This place where you can enjoy the Polar Lights in a needle. The village is near Teriberka far from a civilization that allows to enjoy this natural phenomenon fully!

Aurora Village

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