We get such questions quite often.
Let’s clear up the situation

The chances of seeing the Northern Lights are high if you come to the Kola Peninsula for a few days and spend every night outside the city.
From September to April, of course.

But even a high kp-index in the forecast cannot give a 100% guarantee!

What then to hope for, you say ??
Let’s list all the factors:

?You arrived from September to April
?You are outside the city so that the illumination does not interfere
?You follow the forecast (kp-index from 2-3 and above)
?The sky is not overcast.

What about the Shining in Aurora Village?
The principles are still the same) But also ..

?According to statistics, the Radiance can be seen here every third night.
?Alarm clock service ⏰ Our managers can wake you up at night if you do not want to miss the moment.
?You can not freeze for hours on the street, but run out of the Igloo in a blanket and take pictures) Or see it from the panoramic windows!

It also happened that our clients stayed for two or three nights, but never saw the Northern Lights …
It happened that all two nights the sky burned with flashes

You can find photos with the Northern Lights of our guests in our Instagram @auroravillage_murmansk in the current “Northern Lights” and “Reviews”.

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