One can wonder for a long time why Teriberka in the Murmansk region has become popular. The main thing is that this is the only village where you can comfortably get close to the Arctic Ocean. And comfort and safety * in these parts are important.

In Teriberka, over the past ten years, hotels, camp sites, and two restaurants have been opened. Excursions, boat trips and other entertainment are organized. You can scuba dive and catch king crab from 17 cm in diameter. See the Northern Lights and try at least all the arctic cuisine.


Teriberka is located beyond the Arctic Circle, on the northeast coast of the Kola Peninsula. Winter here lasts from the beginning of November to the end of April, and the local summer seems more likely to be spring for residents of more southern regions - the average temperature in July is about +12 C°.


A seasonal settlement of fishermen existed in this place as early as the 16th century. And since the second half of the 19th century, the village has been actively developing - fishing, animal breeding and whale catching. In the 20s of the 20th century, Teriberka received the status of a district center.

Oblivion began after Teriberka was transferred under the jurisdiction of Severomorsk in the 1960s. Coastal fishing began to lose its attractiveness in front of the ocean, many enterprises were abolished.

Today, less than a thousand people live in the village, it is divided into two parts: an abandoned old one and a relatively new one, where life is still glimmering - before it was a separate village of Lodeynoye. The main occupation of local residents is small-scale private fishing, and now also serving tourists, who are becoming more and more every year.

Interest in the village and its sights grew after it became the filming location for Andrey Zvyagintsev's film Leviathan in 2014, which won the Best Screenplay award at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2015, Teriberka even entered the top 20 best travel destinations according to National Geographic magazine.

Despite the lack of resort infrastructure, the village is considered one of the most interesting places for outdoor activities, mainly due to unique natural phenomena, breathtaking views and unusual monuments of the past.


All active winter sports - we go out to the open sea, cut through the snow on a snowboard, dive into the Barents Sea

? Fishing

The most popular pastime here is fishing. You can rent a boat from local residents, go explore the rocky shores of the village, go out into the Barents Sea and bring a good catch with you.

? Diving

Among the extreme entertainments, diving is popular. Even in the summer months, the water here is cold, but clear, which allows you to see the inhabitants of coastal waters in all details.

⛷Snowkiting, sledges, snowmobiles

Winter sports are also common in Teriberka. Ski equipment can be rented at local camp sites. Residents of the village offer walks in open sledges and snowmobiles in the surrounding fields and hills. Fans of snowkiting also come here - skiing or snowboarding with a kite - a towing kite.

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? Northern Lights Hunt

This picturesque natural phenomenon is one of the main reasons for the pilgrimage of tourists to Teriberka. It is most likely to catch the aurora during the polar night: from early December to mid-January. There are no guarantees, someone is lucky enough to see this miracle of nature on the very first day of the trip, and someone can wait for several weeks.

? Whale watching

Every year, whales come to Teriberskaya Bay. Usually this happens at the beginning of summer, but in the winter of 2022/2023 there was a real whaling boom! Many travel companies organize whale watching. These are the most unforgettable emotions - when at arm's length you see a real northern whale!

Ship graveyard, dinosaur eggs and the famous waterfall - a MUST HAVE of your trip to Teriberka

? Small Battery Lake Waterfall

A very picturesque place. Its turbulent waters rush along stone ledges and flow straight into the Barents Sea. On the dry days of early spring, the waterfall is calm and quiet, and when the lake fills with water, closer to the beginning of summer, it is swift and stormy.

You can get from Teriberka to this place by car in 20 minutes or on foot in about an hour. An incredible panorama of the Barents Sea and the Small Battery Lake opens from the nearby hill. The waterfall is located between the rocks, and on the left side you can go down to the seashore. In summer, even tourists sometimes swim here.

?Stone Beach - Dinosaur Eggs

On the northern outskirts of Teriberka there is a beach with huge oval boulders. The locals call them dinosaur eggs.

Координаты места: 69.204 880, 35.93 867.

⚓️ Ship Graveyard

Atmospheric place at the entrance to the village. The cemetery was founded in the 1960s. Previously, there were many small fishing vessels here, but with the transfer of the regional center to Severomorsk, coastal fishing gradually faded away, and old ships found their last refuge on this coast.

Place coordinates: 69.169 246, 35.122 012.

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