The Sami village "Sam syyt" and the husky park are perhaps the most interesting locations for family recreation and communication with animals. Here you can not only get acquainted with the life of the indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula, the Saami, but also feed the deer, ride in a sleigh and a husky team, play winter games.


The Saami are a small indigenous people of the Kola Peninsula. At the moment, there are only about 1,500 people, most of whom live in the Lovozero district.

In the Sami village "Sam Syit" you will find a historical excursion, acquaintance with the Sami way of life, meeting a group on the territory of the settlement, raising the national flag, feeding traditional dishes in the Sami dwelling, a tour of the territory of the settlement with acquaintance with animals, feeding deer from hands, photographing with them, traditional games: "Tug of Pole", "Deer and Wolves" and others.

Riding on bananas attached to a snowmobile, riding downhill on ice rinks and in the summer, driving ATVs around the territory behind the wheel. Tea break with stories about the Sami people, getting to know their culture and history. Answers to guests' questions. Photographing in the national clothes of the indigenous people. Acquisition of amulets and handicrafts of traditional craftsmen.


We recommend combining a visit to a Sami village and a husky park.

Husky park "Lovozero" is:
- over 80 gorgeous, affectionate Siberian Huskies;
- fascinating stories from the history of sled dog breeds;
- reindeer - one of the most beautiful animals of the Far North;
- thousands of hectares of pine forest around;
- a whole world filled with love and tenderness of our animals;
- a close-knit team of people who are infinitely dedicated to their work;
- great mood, unforgettable impressions and the desire to return to us again!

Lovely Siberian Huskies will give you a ride in their team with the breeze. A friendly atmosphere, a tea table, Husky history and much more await you.

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