Hi Oleg, thanks for your team kind help to take care of us. Out tour guide Ms Lica and Mr Ivan and also the Drivers are very kind to show us the beauty of Murmansk. We all are Glad that we engaging our activities with ur company. And surely will recommend ur team to friends who interested to come Murmansk. Big thanks to you, Dima, Lica, Ivan and drivers that we have met.
Wish you have a nice day.

Miss HappyFeet

During our hunting North Light tour, Mr. Oleg brought us across the river to take in the nice night of Murmansk city. Then, he drove us to his secret aurora spot where we prayed fervently for a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Mr. Oleg even prepared hot tea while we waited, and a bottle of (rum?) to celebrate the sighting. Weather was not the best when we were on our hunt. Fortunately we managed to locate a window of clear sky and later, witnessed a spectacular dance of the spirits from a distance.

blogger of GlobeTrove

"Shawn had messaged Oleg about his Murmansk Northern lights tour initially and had mentioned that we were travel bloggers. I think that was what piqued his interest initially. Language barriers made communication difficult but once we visited him a lot of our doubts got clarified over a cup of warm tea! It soon became clear that Oleg offered us a cheaper alternative to the private tours that everyone else offered. How? Why? His company has numerous groups of tourists coming to Murmansk. All that he was offering was for us to join the troop in the bus. Not a bad alternative."
"That being said we were really glad that we had joined this particular Murmansk Northern lights tour. While we were on our way scouring the countryside, Oleg’s numerous contacts all came in handy. With more than one bus heading in different directions, finding the probability of finding the Northern lights doubled."
"Next we headed out to a place that was meant for winter activities. We played with some huskies, rode snowmobiles and even did a bit of ice fishing. No! We didn’t catch anything other than a cold. It’s funny how the cold creeps up when you stand in one place for two long!

That being said I must admit that we had a lot of fun. We made some great friends and learned about a new culture. We were lucky to have found a group that suited our wavelength. Half the fun of an excursion always lies with the company you have..."
More information here:

Kozo Owatari
MTC Japan. Consaltin Division Manager

Oleg san, good afternoon! Our delegation flew from Petersburg without any problem. Allow me once again to thank you for a very well organized tour!

Febriyanto Rasdjani

Hi Oleg, thanks for your help for our journey in Murmansk.. We have fun and enjoy! See you in september ;).. From Indonesia

Krylov Aleksey
General Director of "UTS GROUP"

The company "UTS GROUP", represented by General Director Krylov Aleksey Viktorovich, expresses its respect and gratitude for the organized March 7-9, 2017. The reception of a group of leaders - representatives of KUONI from Taiwan.

Thanks to the high professionalism and the high quality of services provided by your company and the high quality of services provided by your company, careful approach to compiling the tourist route and responsiveness, our members from Taiwan appreciated the familiarization tour in Murmansk at a high level and expressed their readiness to work with our companies this season.

We hope to continue fruitful cooperation and are ready to work with your company not only on the Asian market, but also to offer your programs to the markets of European countries, since we consider you as a reliable, promising and basic partner in Murmansk.

Sisy Chang

My boy did his winter poster "Russia 2018"! Thank you for arrangement! We have great trip in Murmansk.


Korakot Hensangvilai

Thanks to all of your team for being very good guide, Alex, Ivan, Riga, ....
I was very happy to see Aurora even only first night on 18 Feb and Ivan taken a photo for me with his good camera after knowing I had only mobile phone.
Please remind Ivan kindly send me the Aurora photos.God bless you,

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Doy Sangpradit

Thank you for helping and we are very appreciated. A guide both are very good
Thanks again guide Lika she so helpful and lovely lady and last night in igoo it was wonderful never forget I will recommend your company to our friends
Ps. Thanks a lot a driver
And one more thing could you please sent us a photo from arora night. Can't wait to post it!! 😁

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Ta Beat Ha
Director of Tourist Office Visit Russia in Vietnam

We would like to express our gratitude to the employees of the VisitMurmansk company for the professional organization and coordination of the advertising tour of tour operators and tourist press from Vietnam.
We received positive feedback from all delegates. They appreciated the beauty of your region and received an unforgettable experience of northern hospitality. We are confident that this promotional tour will be the beginning for the trips of Vietnamese tourists to the Murmansk region in the near future.
We are grateful to you for the attentiveness, active assistance and prompt solution of all arising questions.
We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

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