Memorial to the soldiers of the 6th heroic Komsomol battery

In the blessed memory of the heroic deed of the soldiers of the sixth battery of the 143rd artillery regiment of the 14th rifle division, on November 6, 1959, the Monument was solemnly opened in Murmansk. It is installed in the southern part of Lenin Avenue on a natural hillock formed by the Varnichny Brook. The erection of the monument was carried out under the direction of the architect D.K. Vodolazhsky.

Monument to the 6th battery The monument is a high pedestal, on top of which there is a 76-mm military divisional gun of the ZIS-3 brand, belonging to the model of 1942. The barrel of the cannon is directed towards the north-west, from which the brave troops accepted the enemy and fell bravely in an unequal battle. On the main side of the pedestal there is a memorial plaque with words about the feat of Soviet soldiers, as well as a bronze wreath.

During the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Victory, in a wide flat bowl installed on a high thin base next to the monument, they lit the Eternal Flame, delivered from the battlefield in an armored personnel carrier. For two decades, the monument to the soldiers of the 6th Heroic Komsomol Battery was the main war memorial of the city of Murmansk. In May 1975, after the opening of the memorial on Cape Zeleny, the Eternal Flame was solemnly transferred to the foot of the Alyosha monument.

Lenin Ave., Murmansk, Murmansk region, 183010

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