Memorable sign to the icebreaker “Ermak”


Monument-memorial to the legend of the Russian and Soviet icebreaker fleet – icebreaker “Ermak”, located at the end of the Murmansk Museum of Local Lore. It is a complex of a monumental mosaic canvas on the wall of the building and anchors at the foot of the pedestal.

The panel is made of pieces of multi-colored opaque glass – smalt. It depicts the icy expanses of the Arctic, through which the Ermak makes its way. The organic continuation of the panel is a granite pedestal with a genuine icebreaker anchor with a chain about 5 meters long installed on it. It weighs three tons. On a bronze slab, set in stone, there is an inscription: “To the grandfather” of the icebreaker fleet of the Order of Lenin to the icebreaker “Ermak”.

November 3, 1965 – a memorial monument to the legend of the Russian icebreaker fleet – the icebreaker Yermak, who served the Fatherland for 65 years, was unveiled at the end of the building of the local history museum. The mosaic picture in honor of the glorious “Ermak” has become an adornment of our city. Until 1997, it was officially protected by the state.

Ave. Lenin, 90, Murmansk

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