Loft-bar “Cherdak”

Loft-bar “Cherdak” is the first two-story bar in Murmansk.

1st floor:
To dilute a weekday with a pleasant conversation in your favorite group of friends? Gastrobar “Cherdak” – every day and evening at your complete disposal. The home-style cuisine is delicious and welcoming. Gastronomic food and craft beer for a reasonable price. Steaks and pancakes, fish and meat, soups and snacks, desserts and pizza. Everything is sincere and knowledgeable. On weekdays, daily lunch time from 12 to 17 hours.

2nd floor:
Arrange enchanting trash and hot dances? Dance-bar on the second floor is waiting for its guests! For all lovers of an informal atmosphere, here you can cool off from the crazy weekends from 23 to 7 in the morning.
A select mix of hits from house, r’n’b, hip-hop, rock, funk, bass and other styles – we don’t bind ourselves in one format, we love freestyle! Loft-bar “Cherdak” – a bar where they dance!

Climb higher, collect all the memories of the attic in your grandmother’s house and boldly drag to the “Cherdak”. Rest as it should be.

Loft-bar “Attic”

st. Polyarnye Zori, 42A, Murmansk

Availability Time

12:00 — 17:00
12:00 — 17:00
12:00 — 17:00
12:00 — 17:00
12:00 — 07:00
12:00 — 07:00

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