Hotel “Khibiny” 2 *


The hotel is located close to important key facilities in the city, including the Supermarket 7 days supermarket, which is only 532 meters away. You can visit the Zenith market, one of which is located at a distance of 808 meters from the hotel, for shopping.
From the railway station Railway station to the hotel runs 5.5 km. The distance between the Khibiny hotel and the city center is 825 meters. The nearest place of sale – the Grocery store Molodyozhny – is located at a distance of 46 meters from the Khibiny hotel.
To visit the nearby Museum of the Central City Library. A.M. Gorky, it is necessary to overcome the distance of 779 meters from the hotel. To walk through the park, the square named after Vasily Ivanovich Kondrikov has to walk 173 meters from the hotel. At 334 meters from the main attraction – 76 caliber Cannon, the hotel is located, which is one of the most popular in the city.

Kirovsk city Murmansk region Leningradskaya st., 25

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