Monument to Waiting Woman

The Murmansk families have long been divided by the surf line – men went to the ocean, and women waited for them on the shore, hoping that the sea would […]

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Monument to Anatoly Fedorovich Bredov

One of the first original sculptures of the city of Murmansk was a monumental monument to Anatoly Bredov. The monument was erected at the expense of the residents of the […]

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Monument “Cat Semyon”

On October 2, 2013, a monument to the traveling cat Semyon was erected in Murmansk, which became a symbol of courage and devotion for the city residents. According to local […]

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Monument to Cyril and Methodius

The Murmansk monument is an exact copy of the monument, which is located in front of the People’s Library in Sofia, where it was installed on the occasion of the […]

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Monument to victims of intervention

The monument to the victims of the intervention is located in Murmansk, on the central square of the city called Five Corners, which is one of the oldest in the […]

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The memorial “Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War” (“Alyosha”)

“Alyosha” takes 7th place in the top of the highest monuments of Russia. And in 1st place is the Victory Monument on Poklonnaya Hill with a height of 141.8 meters. […]

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