Sculpture “Polar bears”

At the intersection of Karl Marx and Chelyuskintsev streets near the Seamen’s House of Culture “two polar bears are located.” The base of the sculpture is made in the form […]

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Monument to the soldiers of the 1st air defense corps

The memorial complex dedicated to the soldiers of the 1st Air Defense Corps was founded in 1988. The ensemble includes an 85-mm anti-aircraft anti-aircraft gun, two Yak-3 and Su-15TM fighters […]

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Stele Murmansk

A twenty-meter stele, on top of which a small sailing boat stands in the center of a metal ring. On its reverse side there are geographical coordinates of the city. […]

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Broken heart – a monument to Murmansk residents who died in the line of military duty and protecting the interests of the Fatherland

The monument was erected on August 10, 2001 at the intersection of two avenues: Kirov and Kolsky. A monument was opened on the eve of the anniversary of the sinking […]

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Chimney Monument

The monument is called “Chimney”. It is a monument in the form of a chimney burnt out but escaped from bombs and a photograph of Murmansk during the Great Patriotic […]

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The memorial “Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Great Patriotic War” (“Alyosha”)

“Alyosha” takes 7th place in the top of the highest monuments of Russia. And in 1st place is the Victory Monument on Poklonnaya Hill with a height of 141.8 meters. […]

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