Tourist base “Boat Stream”

The Lodochny Brook tourist base is a holiday for those who want to relax away from the noise of civilization. Three wooden houses on the seashore in a beautiful area. […]

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Fishing and hunting base “Kildin Vostochny”

The fishing and hunting base is located in the eastern part of the island. Kildin (69.19.19 N, 34.20.36 E) in the north of the Kola Peninsula in the Barents Sea, […]

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The fishing base “Rybaka’s House” is located 26 km from the mouth of the Iokanga stream, the right bank (Murmansk region, Ostrovnoy urban district). Delivery to the base is carried […]

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Fishing and tourist base “Olenya”

Rest at the tourist base “Olenya” is not just fishing or active leisure, but a truly unforgettable vacation that will allow you to plunge into all the splendor of the […]

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Diving center “Sly Cod”

Cozy, warm new home for a comfortable rest in the village of Staraya Titovka, 120 km from Murmansk. House with an area of ​​120 sq. m on a plot of […]

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Recreation center “Satka”

Recreation center “Satka” is located 27 kilometers from Murmansk. The base territory of seven hectares is located in a forest near the Tuloma River. Murmansk residents love to relax on […]

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