Tour on Kvadro-Khibiny Mountains ATVs


2 дня/ 1 ночь

Khibiny Mountains – the special place on the Kola Peninsula which attracts travelers more than two centuries. They are low and not really great on the area, but steadily make an indelible impression and cause special feelings. the Off-road car allows to get into the heart of Khibiny Mountains and to see magnificent mountain valleys , to approach to mountain passes , to lakes and falls. Only in Khibiny Mountains it is ideal transparent mountain small rivers and lakes happen such fantastic of green-blue color .

In Khibiny Mountains you will hear about ancient the Lappish legends , you will pass on thrown geological to roads of the 50-70th years the XX centuries and you will visit the most attractive places of Khibiny Mountains where it is possible to reach on the ATV . On passes and at mountain lakes at people just intercepts spirit and punches on an avalanche of emotions from severe beauty of the North.

the Route not idle time, but won’t demand from you special skills controls of the ATV and a certain physical training. It will be not always easy, but new experience of mountain driving of the ATV and beauty of Khibiny Mountains are worth it!

Adrenalin of the mountain drive is simply provided to you!

Tour description

Type of a tour: a tour on ATVs

of Extent of an active part of a route: ~ 120 km

of of Date of arrivals : under the order from the 2nd persons

of group Size: 2-6 persons

of tour Cost:

  • of 1 people on the ATV – of 29000 rub
  • 2 persons on the ATV – 20000 rub from 1 person.

of is included In the price : work of the qualified guide, accommodation in mountain hotel, food according to the program, lease of the ATV, equipment, transfers.

of Placement in Khibiny Mountains in mountain hotel “Kuelporr”: the modern one-storey building with a penthouse. 2-seater numbers (a shower, a toilet in number). The big hall with the TV, home cuisine. A bath on the bank of the mountain river.

of the Recommended equipment: warm vetro-and the moisture protective clothes and footwear allowing to feel comfortably at a temperature from +5 with wind and a rain to +20, a reliable rain set, spray from mosquitoes, the personal first-aid kit.

don’t forget the policy of compulsory health insurance and the passport!

Program of a tour

1 день

Group meeting on railway stations Apatity, a transfer to Kirovsk, a breakfast.

Adjustment of equipment, instructing, training.

Training route in the valley of the lake. Small Vudjyavr.

Departure in the center of Khibiny Mountains on the picturesque mountain valley through Pass Kukisvumchorr – the lake. Heart-shaped – Kuelporr Ministry of Emergency Situations base.

Lunch, placement in mountain hotel Kuelporr.

Ralialny route: the survey platform for Kuelporr – the Risyok falls – the pass Yu. Rischorr

Dinner. Spending the night in mountain hotel.

Day stage: 50-60 km soil, off road.



Departure on a route: Kuelporr – the lake. Pike – Pass Umbozersky – rise to falls – Kuelporr.

Lunch in hotel, collecting.

Departure to Kirovsk through the pass Vost. Petrelius and further on the gorge Kukisvum.

Dinner in cafe.

Transfer to the railway station Apatity.

Day stage: 50-60 km soil, off road.

Notes: The program of a tour can be slightly changed on weather conditions.


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