Sami Village & Husky park

Tour is for those who want to learn all about the life of Saami on the Kola Peninsula, and to get acquainted with the fauna of our Northern land.

Tour description

110 km from Murmansk, between Olenegorsk and the village of Lovozero there is Sami village that called “Sam Syyt”. It is an ethnographic Museum under the open sky. Here you can learn everything about the traditional way of Sami life. You will try real Sami cuisine, feed the reindeers, ride the reindeers sledges.

Husky Park is 14 km from the capital of Russian Lapland – Lovozero village (165 km from Murmansk). Husky — man’s best friend. This is one of the most friendly and peace-loving types of dogs. Just a few minutes spent with the huskies, allow you to feel their positive energy. A trip to the husky Park will allow you to relax from the urban bustle, plunge into the serenity of the Northern territory and spend time outdoors in the company of amazing animals.

tour program

Departure from Murmansk

Sami Village:

  • excursion on the territory of the settlement;
  • visiting the Alley Of Idols:

You will see four idol of nature elements (fire, earth ,water, air) and five idols that brings Love, Happiness, Luck, Fortune and Health. Idols love offerings in the form of small yellow coins, and then they will surely fulfill your desires.

  • the reindeer sledding and sleigh rides;
  • photos in national costumes of the Sami people;
  • Sami games:

The tug of the pole, “deer and wolves”, the Sami football, individually for men throwingnachala” (Arcana) on the horns of a deer, for women throwing willow rings.

  • acquaintance with the fauna of the Sami: reindeer, foxes, Arctic foxes, and others;
  • you will taste the traditional Sami dishes:

Lim” (salmon soup), “Pakula” (national herbal tea), fresh bread from the Lovozero bakery.

Arrival in Lovozero

A visit to the Museum of history of the Kola Saami.

Arrival at Husky Park

You will be greeted with hot tea and traditional pastries in the cosy tent, and tell the amazing story of the Siberian husky breed. Then you will see those amazing dogs and reindeers. You will recieve only positive emotions of this trip.

Return to Murmansk

Important information

The price includes:

  • lunch;
  • excursion to the Museum of history of the Kola Saami;
  • guide support according the program in the Museum and Husky Park;
  • transfer.

Bus is equipped with:

  • TV;
  • Comfortable seats with the seatbelts.

Please note that the company reserves the right to change the order of objects. The program may be changed or updated.
On preliminary request the program can be expanded and adapted in accordance with the wishes of tourists group.


  • The price may vary. Specify the value of our managers!


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