Husky – Park


We do think that Husky is your best friend!

Communicate and take a picture with the pettable, joyful and friendly dogs, domesticated reindeers and other inhabitants of the husky-park. Learn many new things about circumpolar nature and traditions of the northern people, have dinner near the campfire in the cozy warm chum (Saami tent).

Tour description

Husky is the best fiend of human. They are the most peaceful dogs. Even some minutes spent with husky will allow you to feel their positive energy. The trip to husky-park will give you some rest from city daily routine. You will dive into serenity of the northern nature accompanied by marvelous animals. A real winter road will lead you to the park in winter while you follow the snow-mobile in the sledge. In the summer you will have a picturesque walking route. In the park you will be welcomed by a cup of hot tea and traditional pastry in a cozy chum. After the story about husky origin and peculiarities you will be able to spend some time taking pictures with these lovely dogs, reindeers and other park inhabitants. This day will open you a lot of new and amazing things about circumpolar nature and traditions of the northern people whilst having dinner near the campfire in the cozy warm chum.

Tour programme

Tour duration – 4 hours.

Transfer from Murmansk, Hotel “Moryak” parking

Transfer from Olenegorsk if needed

Arrival to the village Lovozero

  • Visit to the museum of the history of the Kola Saami where it is possible to learn more about their everyday life and culture.
  • Forest road walking tour to the husky.
  • Welcoming hot tea and traditional pastry in the cozy warm chum.
  • The story about husky origin and peculiarities.
  • Photos with the animals.

Departure to Murmansk

Important information

The price includes:

  • Tea and pastry;
  • Pictures with husky;
  • Reindeer feeding;
  • Kola Saami historical museum;
  • Guide service during   the trip;
  • Bus transfer.

Bus is equipped with:

  • TV;
  • Comfortable seats with the seatbelts.

Pay your attention that the company may change the schedule of the tour. The schedule may be corrected. The tour may be postponed to the agreed date in case of minimum size of group is not achieved, the price refund is available. The tour schedule may be extended and adopted  depending on the group request beforehand.


  • The price may vary. Specify the value of our managers!


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