Festival “Teriberka. New life of 2018” (on July 21-22)


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  • 21.07.2018

  • of 1 500 rub/people

The V-LETO travel agency represents a unique opportunity to visit on one of two days of an annual Arctic festival “Teriberka. New life” which will fully allow to feel scales and beauty of the Russian North.

Teriberka – the settlement on the bank of the Barents Sea which has become known after a release of the movie “Leviathan” thanks to a festival will be able to realize the huge potential. It both development of traditional fishery, and local products which can become a basis of interesting Russian Arctic cuisine, both tourism – extreme and informative.

Teriberka attracts divers, kayter, fishermen and just travelers, it is interesting to them to see the surprising natural phenomena of the North and many other things already now.

Within the action concerts, a night rave, walks on tourist tracks, the gastronomic program and also the art program are planned.


Chef, participants of a festival

Ruslan Shmidov is chef, the managing director of Saratov restaurant, Ruslan Shmidov in restaurant business from 16 years, has passed a way from the cook to the chef and the managing director. I experimented with the French, Italian, European, Mediterranean and Russian cuisines; I cooperated with authoritative chefs ‒ Christoph Manuazye, Guillaume Jolie, Pascal Alvarez, Jean Bernard. Member of National Guild of chefs and Moscow association of culinary specialists.

Vlad Piskunov

Chef, author of recipe-books, TV host, blogger,

the creative chef of restaurant of Russian cuisine from Maison Dellos “Nested doll”. the popular gastronomic blogger, the author of recipe-books and the Moscow Lunch project conducting headings of the Fazenda program on Channel One and the Fiery Food programs on Kukhnya TV channel, the chef of “Restaurant House of Andrey Dellos” restaurant

Maxim Syrnikov

The chef, the historian and the practician of traditional Russian cuisine, the author of books “Real Russian Food” and “Real Russian Holidays”, the creator of the culinary website, the blogger, the author and the leader of the master classes devoted to preparation of truly Russian dishes.

Special project:

“Knyazhevo. Food and a farm since 1455”

Olga Strizhibikova, a brand chief of the Tula lokavorsky restaurant “Mark and Lev” (2014-2016), opens this year in native Pereslavl cafe “for Knyazhevo. Food and a farm since 1455” (not without participation of own husband and the farmer Boris Akimov and 4 children). It not just cafe, and such social and gastronomic experiment. The Moscow family moves to the native village of Knyazhevo (where the small family farm is already constructed) and opens cafe in Pereslavl – where prepares only from own products. All way of a product – from seeds to a plate in own cafe – result of own work. The cafe is such window of the village (known since 1455) to the city. Instrument of creation of jobs, revival of local pereslavsky gastronomic traditions, development of the territory. In a festival in Teriberka Olga will submit the special pereslavsko-Arctic menu in which own Yaroslavl motives and local specialist programmes of the tundra and sea will meet.

Participants of the food court

Tundra restaurant

“The restaurant syndicate” most of which known institution – Tundra restaurant became the main partner in catering services at a festival. This unique place in Murmansk in which it is possible to try the real Pomor cuisine, venison, fish, sea hedgehogs, mollusks and sweet from local berries. At a festival “Teriberka. New life” will be presented a fudzona which guests will be able to try, both a variety of tastes of the Kola Peninsula, and more habitual dishes from the team of chefs of the Restaurant Syndicate company. In the menu: burgers with stewed meat from venison, the Murmansk cod with potatoes, the Pomor fish soup on live fire, pancakes with home-made northern berries jam, pilaf on live fire, shawarma and hot dogs, fruit drink from northern berries, coffee, tea

“Barevich” – legendary kraftovy bar from Kirovsk – will present the present best-sellers of the St. Petersburg brewery “Bakunin”: God’s Hand ale, dairy Stout of “Moloko+”, a grade with addition of sea salt “Salty Dog”, spicy beer with Red Maniac pepper and a sour grade with addition of mad amount of natural raspberry “Sour Rave”. The kitchen from bar will surprise with stakes from a reindeer, specialty burgers, mussels and brownie with cowberry and bacon.


Reykjavik.Food (Moscow) – city food from tasty products. The main ingredient of all dishes is fish. Fish chips, fish burgers, fish soup and fish in batter. Reykjavik.Food – a combination of traditions of northern skandinasky kitchen and modern technologies. At a festival of the cook of a fudtrak will arrive showing the gastronomic capacity of the settlement. In their menu фиш’н’чипс from a local cod, meatballs from venison with pounded berries, herring and egg sandwiches, fruit drink/tea with local berries (cloudberries, bilberry), sweets: spicy cookies and cookies from local spiruliny

The Perfect-car (Ulyanovsk) – who has told that street food shouldn’t be tasty and useful? The Ulyanovsk team uses only fresh and qualitative products in the dishes. The crackling bread, home-made mayonnaise to swell
the Tour agency provides to ONLY a transfer to the venue of a festival and service of the guide-driver.

Departure from Murmansk 15.07.2017 from Arctic hotel, arrival in the settlement of Teriberka. The return transfer Teriberka-Murmansk is planned for 18:00 hours.

The exact time departure will be specified later.


cost has included only a transfer to the venue of a festival and back, services of the guide-driver.


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