Festival “Teriberka. New Life in 2018”

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???? Dates of the tour: 21.07.2018

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Travel agency “V-LETO” represents a unique opportunity to visit one of the three-day annual festival of the Arctic “Teriberka. New Life”, which will allow you to fully enjoy the scale and beauty of the Russian North.

Teriberka – village on the Barents Sea, which became famous after the film “Leviathan”, thanks to the festival will be able to unleash their enormous potential. This development of traditional fisheries, and local products that can be the basis of an interesting Russian Arctic cuisine and tourism – an extreme and informative.

Teriberka now attracts divers, kitesurfers, fishermen and just travelers who are interested to see the amazing natural phenomenon of the North and much more.


Tour Program:

  • Gastronomy (Russian Arctic gastronomic restaurant kitchen- known chef will prepare a set dinners and lunches with local seafood and tundra gifts).                                                                                                                                                   
    • “Gastrobar” Le Bazar (Suzdal);
    • Restaurant “Tundra Grill & Bar”, Murmansk;
    • Farm restaurant “LavkaLavka”, Moscow;
    • Food court “Fast food Teriberki of products”;
    • Restaurant “Royal Hunt”, Murmansk;
    • Bakery “Sasha Bread”, Moscow;
    • “Cody’s Fish & Chips”, Moscow;
    • Brewery “Bakunin”, St. Petersburg;
    • Bar “Barevich”, Kirovsk, Murmansk region;
    • “Salt Artel” Karelia.


  • Fair. Local values in the memorabilia and interesting products from Teriberki.
    • “Salt gang” of Karelia;
    • “Kave Store”, Murmansk;
    • “Products from Teriberki”;
    • Anton Beard and # TOLSTOVKAMECHTY, Moscow.


  • Arctic sports. The beauty of the Arctic, Barents Sea, cold wave, the incredible expanse of tundra make Teriberka attractive for tourism and extreme sports.
    • Skimpark of federal Skimboarding Skim Generation;
    • Arctic surf on Surf Way;
    • Sap surfing SUP SPOT;
    • Athletic Club Diving – Western Bridge;
    • Adidas Runners and Go Bro.


  • Discussion Club. Informal platform for exchange of experience on the development of small regions and territories. Stories of success, small business projects, workshops and discussion of the pressing social, economic and cultural development of the regions.
    • Evgeny Serov, office director of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) for cooperation with the Russian Federation;
    • Alexander pork, CEO of the civic activity support in small towns and rural areas “Perspective”. Civic Engagement. Instructions for use with northern flavor (examples of successful North-West district projects);
    • Olga Jagodina. “Salt Artel” Karelia;
    • Oleg Stepanov. The project to create the first saltworks in Teriberke;
    • Vasily Kozlov. The project of procuring and processing plant in the Arctic food (wild plants and seafood).


  • The cultural program. Performances, music in tune with the atmosphere of the harsh and beautiful nature of the Arctic, the current contemporary art and unusual forms, theater and workshops.
    • Moscow street theater “Tall Brothers & Tall Brothers” – a team of circus and drama actors, permanent members of the international festival of street theater. The repertoire includes everything – from unobtrusive to the improvisations of street processions and carnivals … Performances “Tall Brothers”, it is always unexpected and absurd views, wonderful in its simplicity.;
    • Boris Andrianov – one of the leading Russian musicians of his generation. The inspirer and leader of “Generation Stars” project, giving an opportunity to young talented musicians to perform live all over Russia. With Boris arrive musicians Andrey Ivanov (bass), Philippe Kopachevskii (piano) and singer Polina Orbach. Musicians have prepared a special program of jazz standards and classical pieces.;
    • On-The-Go – Now one of the most popular Russian indie-pop bands. Formed in 2007 in Togliatti. Participants StereoLeto festival.;
    • Balalayker and Creepy Three Strings Eugene Kharlamov and Viktor aka M.HABI Olehnovich aka A.MAN conduct master classes for learning to play the balalaika and perform the world hits in ECOcovers genre.;
    • “Naadam” One of the most remarkable phenomena in the independent scene in Russia in recent years. The debut video single group called “Pirates” just shocked music fans and critics – such strong songs in Russian appear infrequently.;
    • MOST Creative Camp (18+) – Kinolager for the development of creativity. All 6 days will be full of lectures, master classes, provocations to concoct, independent work on the films and personal tasks. The surroundings you also have time to explore, but count on a week relaxing by the ocean just not worth it. 6 days from 10:00 to 20:00 lecture and practice for drama movies and creativity.
      Shooting your own movies in locations the filming of “Leviathan” Zvyagintsev.
      Premiere films at the festival “Teriberka. New Life – 2016 »


  • Documentary Festival “Northern Character”


  • Children’s program:
    • “Two Blue China” – for children Teriberki and younger guests of the festival in collaboration with the Studio Art Therapy itself creative agency “Most Creative Club” and the application for parents and children, “That’s it,” the festival will be organized creative activities, quests and game – there will not be boring to anyone!


In addition, they will be organized meetings and seminars to exchange experience for professionals working with children.


  • Environmental Programme. Together with Kola Environmental Center, the Administration of the Kola district and Teriberka will be discussed:
    • control “wild” tourism Teriberke;
    • organization of protected areas;
    • creation of ecological trails and routes;
    • installation of information boards and navigation;
    • setting garbage bins in tourist areas;
    • warning of environmental safety measures;
    • organization of the collection, processing and recycling of waste in Teriberka.


Travel agency provides only the transfer to the venue of the festival and tour guide-driver.

Departure from Murmansk 13.08.2016 at 08:00 hours from the hotel “Arctic”, arrival in Teriberka village at 11:00. Return transfer Teriberka Murmansk is scheduled for 18:00 pm.



  • The price includes only the shuttle to the festival site and back, the guide-driver services.
  • The price may vary. Specify the value of our managers!


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