Northern Lights even inspire jewelers! Swarovski Rhinestones with Northern Lights Effect

Currently, fashion designers and jewelery designers use Aurora Borealis coated rhinestones – the “Northern Lights” effect.

Stones and rhinestones with Aurora Borealis are radiantly shimmering in the light, and their faces reflect reflexes from those colors that are nearby. That’s why professional dancers like to use them when designing costumes – this gives a unique play of light during a performance, allowing you to create a truly exciting show from the room. In everyday life, the same jewelry made with the use of such crystals will look as new with each dress from your wardrobe.

The effect of Aurora Borealis was invented in 1956 in Swarovski laboratories. This is a special type of spraying that is applied to the outer side of crystals that have already been cut, rhinestones or beads, giving them a rainbow shine. The procedure of sputtering the thinnest layer of a metallic coating is carried out under vacuum conditions, and it can be applied to both transparent and black or colored crystals.

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