“Murmansk” is a name of new aircraft of “Rossiya” airlines

It is interesting to know that as part of a large-scale re-branding of the airline “Rossiya” awarded Airbus A319 aircraft with tail number VP-BWG name “Murmansk”. This was done in honor of the largest city in the world, located above the Arctic Circle.

The liner has a standard for this type of aircraft two-class layout, designed to place 128 passengers: 8 – in business class and 120 – in economy.
Updated A319 is planned to operate mainly on the domestic lines. The first flight of the aircraft, decorated with the coat of arms of Murmansk, made from St. Petersburg to Moscow and back.

It is interesting to know that Murmansk is located on the east coast of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea, where one of Russia’s largest port is located. For the defense of the city from the Nazi invaders during World War II Murmansk was awarded the title Hero City.

Murmansk Airport is 24 km from the city in the village Murmashi. Hence, the airline “Rossiya” performs daily two flights to St. Petersburg (flight FV 6343/6344 and FV 6345/6346), including on the same plane.

During 10 months of 2016 as a “Rossiya” has performed more than a thousand flights, having transported them more than 150 thousand passengers from Murmansk.

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