Every year in the Murmansk region there are more and more events that attract tourists from all over Russia. Here we will talk about the bright events for which it is worth coming to the Kola Peninsula!

?Teriberka Festival

? Date: July 2023

✉️ Website - www.teriberkafest.ru

This festival is included in the TOP-50 best events of the year for the second year in a row! One of the largest festivals in Russia, known outside the Kola Peninsula.

Every year is a bright event with famous musicians, many venues on various topics, master classes, lectures, an incredible program and a rich food court. Here you can engage in active sports, creativity and try Arctic cuisine!

? Imandra Viking Fest

? Date 19 and 20 August 2023

✉️ Festival website - imandravikingfest

Imandra Viking Fest is an open-air themed family festival where everyone can go on a journey through the world of the Vikings.

In 2022, the festival won the Russian Event Awards

Помимо множества тематических площадок и мастер-классов, здесь также можно попробовать колоритную Арктическую кухню!

There are also many themed venues and master classes, a food court and performances by musicians.

?Gastro Industry Fest

? Dates start 2-3 September 2023

✉️ Website - vk.com/gastroindustry

Gastro Industry Fest is a combination of harsh entertainment, gastronomic discoveries and northern flavor. The program includes industrial shows, technological workshops, gastronomic shows, art objects, performances by a famous band and dances.

? Gastronomic festival "Taste of the Arctic"

? Dates January/February

The joint team of restaurateurs and chefs is developing a menu of arctic cuisine, which makes extensive use of products from the Barents Sea and products from producers from the Murmansk region.

It is worth noting that all dishes will be presented at affordable prices.
The organizer of the festival is the Tourism Committee of the Murmansk region together with the federal project "Gastronomic map of Russia". ANO "Murmancongress" is the coordinator of the project.

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