Friends, come to us both summer and winter! We have something to be surprised at any time of the year)

✦ Seidozero with its ancient mysteries, as well as Lovozero, where you can get acquainted with the culture of the Sami;
✦ Terskiy coast on the White Sea coast, where the life of the Pomors is still preserved
✦ The Barents Sea with a rich ecosystem and breathtaking landscapes;
✦ Murmansk itself with an ice-free port and an extremely interesting history;
✦ Rybachiy Peninsula, which is very similar to Iceland. The war echoes are still alive here.

Here you will find relaxation for yourself – extreme, cultural, educational … or just contemplate the splendor of the nature of the Kola Peninsula!

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The video was created by Polar Play Production with the support of the Murmansk Congress.