Two weeks before the summer in Murmansk fell a record amount of snow

What do you know about the Murmansk summer? After the hot May holidays throughout Russia sharply colder, but most of all – in the North. Two weeks before the start […]

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The period of white nights begins in Murmansk!

From May 1, at the latitude of Murmansk, the period of white nights began, which for three weeks, until May 21, precedes the polar day. Every day, the white night [...]
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Would you like to see Russia or go there again? Russian e-visas for 53 countries will be available soon.

Getting a physical visa to Russia often serves as a significant enough barrier to visiting our country. Now the government has approved a bill introducing Russian electronic visas! In our […]

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Amazing video about Teriberka

All the beauty of Teriberka in this video! Both winter and summer are equally beautiful here. By the way, Aurora Village are located right on the way to Teriberka! (only […]

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How our guests got stuck in Aurora Village away from civilization

This only happens in thrillers! But no, it happened to our guests! Do not cease to admire our tough guests who retain a sense of humor in any situation! This […]

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Our opinion about the situation today

  ??It is hard to believe that this is a great place – the famous Teriberka in the summer, the coast of the Arctic Ocean! It is located in Russia […]

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Visit Murmansk at the Intourmarket exhibition in Moscow. We are waiting for you!

To be on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, observe the Northern Lights under the glass dome of the Igloo in a quiet snowy forest, go snowmobiling through the icy […]

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???????? We are looking for tourism partners in Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia in order to create a Border Union!

We are a tour operator Visit Murmansk and this year we want to become participants in the Kolarctic CBC project, which is ready to sponsor the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Our goal […]

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Today, numerous Russian media published an article that the Northern Lights will no longer exist! Allegedly, the head of the heliophysical laboratory of IZMIRAN Vladimir Obridko said that if you […]

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Entry to Russia for Chinese tourists is closed. Comments by the CEO VisitMurmansk.

Our dear guests, let’s talk about the current situation. Since January 28, Russian tour operators have stopped accepting new organized tourist groups from China. Restrictions on their sending imposed by […]

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