We have received the status of an eco-hotel !! ?

Everyone calls us differently – glapping, a dome hotel, the village of the Northern Lights … And now there is also an eco-hotel (that’s how we were put on the federal list of tourist facilities) ??

The main feature of eco-hotels is to minimize the negative impact on the environment♻

Such hotels are located in natural areas, promote unity with nature and provide guests with conditions similar to living in the fresh air: natural products, clean water, natural materials used to decorate rooms. True, often in eco-hotels there is no electricity and the benefits of civilization. Our Igloo has everything for a comfortable stay – shower, toilet, hot water, heating, stove, electricity, Wi-Fi. So far, only Megaphone and Yota are catching from the network, we have to take food with us (but we will fix this soon) ?

Most of the houses are built of wood, and pure water flows from the tap (its own water supply system from the well) ?

So far we have been assigned 2 *, but when we organize a full-fledged cafe, we get 3 *! ⭐⭐⭐

We are waiting for you at the eco-hotel Aurora Village? https://auroravillage.info/