Travel in Russia, to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk

This post shares experiences traveling in Russia, to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk (within the Arctic Circle).  It’s not about tea, although I will write about what turned up related to that separately.   I did attend a tea tasting in Moscow, with two of the Russians involved with making Laos Tea, and found some interesting shops […]

Letter of thanks

We try to make your trip unforgettable and it is always nice to receive words of gratitude from our beloved guests! Dear Tatiana, We would like to express our gratitude to all the employees of OOO “Visit Murmansk” and to you personally for the professional organization and coordination of the promotional tour of tour operators […]

The polar night will come in 3 days

Polar night is a period when the sun does not appear on the horizon of Murmansk and the Arctic. The period of the polar night in Murmansk is from the second of December to the 11th of January.  

Murmansk is preparing for the holiday

Today, in the central square of Murmansk, a trial inclusion of the LED fountain took place. Specialists of the “Murmansk city parks and squares” checked the integrity of the connection of the structure. Another traditional attribute of the New Year holidays – ten winter hills are located in the favorite places of rest of Murmansk […]

Snow village will open on December 23

This year, Tourist Center “Snow Village” will open its doors for residents and guests of the Murmansk Region in the tenth, anniversary year. In honor of the upcoming event, “Snow Village” prepared a lot of pleasant gifts and surprises. Annually, at the end of December, at the foot of the Khibiny appears a unique snow […]

The Strategic Missile Nuclear Submarine Knyaz Vladimir

The Strategic Missile Nuclear Submarine Cruiser Knyaz Vladimir will be launched in November 2017 In the near future, at the Sevmash enterprise in Severodvinsk, another strategic nuclear missile submarine cruiser Knyaz Vladimir will be withdrawn from the boathouse. This event will be held in November. Until 2020, the Russian Navy should receive eight nuclear submarines […]

In Roslyakovo arrived the ark with the relics of the newcomers

The Ark of the 54 Saints of the Russian Church arrived in the church of St. Archangel Michael of God in Roslyakovo. In the Arctic, the Ark has already visited the temples of Luostari, Zapolyarny, Severomorsk and Zaozersk. After Roslyakovo the course will go to Umba, Varzuga, Polar and Snezhnogorsk. The ark contains particles of […]

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