We congratulate our friends from China on the coming Holiday of the Moon!

This year the Holiday of the moon drops out for September 24! The holiday of the moon is celebrated the 15th days of the eighth month according to the Chinese calendar (on a Gregorian calendar it is celebrated approximately at the end of September or at the beginning of October). And holiday time usually begins […]

Official opening of a season of Aurora Borealis in Aurora Village!

Friends, and to you has already had the luck to see Aurora Borealis this September? At night on September 16 in Aurora Village we observed the poured sky over the head, and we can tell with confidence that the season is open! Besides, our summer hasn’t passed in vain. We have updated windows and a […]

The fourth cruise to the North Pole has finished “50 years of the Victory”

The atomic ice breaker “50 years of the Victory” has returned to Murmansk from the next tourist flight, the press service of Federal State Budgetary Institution National Park Russkaya Arktika has reported. Because of small amount of ice, in the Arctic there has come the summer, in borders of the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, […]

We invite you to Monchegorsk, to the Holiday Imandra Viking Fest!

VisitMurmansk invites you to Monchegorsk, to the Holiday Imandra Viking Fest Date of a trip: 9/8/2018 Cost: 1500 rub/persons. It is the Monchegorsk’s first Nordic festival in a format of the bivouac of Vikings! The fearless warriors conducted by the konung Vel Shchitolob have already dropped an anchor in a creek of crystal Imandra and […]

Who doesn’t need the visa to Russia?

In what case it is possible to arrive to Russia without visa? 1.To enter the list of the countries with a visa-free regime (to read below) 2.To be subject to a special visa regime (to read below) As for China, that now the Russian and Chinese travelers can mutually drive according to visa-free lists in the groups […]

Freak of nature or traces of an ancient civilization?

Disputes on whether really the Kola Peninsula once was a part of legendary Giperborei and the ancestral home of arias (ancestors of Slavs), don’t cease several decades. But more than is enough proofs at this hypothesis. In Murmansk region, on the Kola Peninsula, near the well-known mystical lake Seydozero there is Mount Ninchurt. Last century […]

Very soon season of Aurora Borealis! You look in our new video

Very soon the surprising and fantastic time of Aurora Borealis will begin… The poured game of color fires in the sky, a snow crunch under legs, a light frost, warm stories and a cup of the warming tea… All this can be felt literally in 3 months. But the season of Aurora Borealis will open […]

Murmansk on popular Russian TV show!

Murmansk have been visited by popular TV show “Орел и Решка”. This March was so cold, but even the temperature belowed 25 degrees celsius can’t stop Russian people! Орел и решка. Россия, Кольский полуостров от ГПМ РТВ BigTV на Rutube. Enjoy Murmansk with “Орел и Решка”

The program of festivals of Murmansk region for the summer 2018

Every year in our region the list of interesting events and festivals is replenished. We suggest to get acquainted with the forthcoming events of summer of 2018! Pomor regatta Date: on July 7-8, 2018 Since 1998 in the Pomor village Umba there passes the Pomor regatta. Her guests can not only look at competitions, but […]

Sea fishing in the Barents Sea

We invite you to sea fishing in the Barents Sea! Here you will feel the real breath of the Arctic and a severe charm Arctic the ocean! You will have an opportunity to estimate richness of the Barents Sea – a cod, a haddock, a flounder, a ruff, a halibut, a catfish, a scallop. Unfortunately, […]

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Будущие мероприятия

  1. An exhibition “Dolls and Japanese Holidays” in Murmansk

    September 7 @ 11:00 - September 28 @ 16:00

Будущие мероприятия

  1. An exhibition “Dolls and Japanese Holidays” in Murmansk

    September 7 @ 11:00 - September 28 @ 16:00

Будущие мероприятия

  1. An exhibition “Dolls and Japanese Holidays” in Murmansk

    September 7 @ 11:00 - September 28 @ 16:00