August 3 in Kuzrek was a holiday of Pomeranian Roe

Pomeranian roe – a talisman amulet. This ancient ceremonial cookie, known since the 12th century, is an allegorical image of happiness, love, health and good luck.

The weather on this day was not entirely welcoming, as on the entire Kola Peninsula, but the holiday was a great success! Pomeranian songs, dances, a fair with original gizmos, local cuisine and northern tea, master classes, folk games and fun.

Our tourists were satisfied! Everyone actively participated in the celebration and were very tired, so our new comfortable bus came in handy) By tradition, we organize a transfer there every year.

If you didn’t come with us for a holiday, do not forget that we will organize a trip to the event every year.



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on Aug 05, 2019

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