5 reasons to visit Murmansk👇

1. 🌌Aurora Borealis. There are no comments here. I think those who have never seen this natural phenomenon could see it in the photo. This is one of the most amazing and beautiful phenomenon on the globe, which you must see live!👀


2. Very much snow in winter. For example, you are from a southern country and have never seen snow? Then you will definitely be delighted! It seems that all the trees and the city are covered with white caps and it all glows in the lights of illumination. And how much fun! Snowmobiling, skiing, husky, reindeer, snowballing, ice fishing. And how about making a snowman?


3. 🥘Unique kitchen. Have you ever tried moss or venison chips if you eat meat? The north is rich in berries, plants, and wild ecological fish and meat. Welcome to the gastronomic pleasure!


4. 👱Local peoples. The Murmansk region is a place where the Sami have lived since ancient times and their culture has been preserved to this day. This amazing, mysterious culture is worth exploring👋

5.🌊See the Arctic Ocean! Murmansk is the gateway to the Arctic. But we will take you to the very edge of the peninsula – the famous village of Teriberka, where you can feel the real breath of the Arctic Ocean, see snowy deserts and harsh rocks!

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